Pneumatic actuators accessories

Limit switch box Electromechanical

Installed on handle ball valve ref. 2118-2119-2525See art. 5987 02

Reference: 5325

Pulse transmitter single flow water meter

Switch sensor potential free. 2 wires cable and 1,5 m lenght.

Reference: 6100

5-ways solenoid valve

Coupling according norm Namur functioning 5 ways / 2 positions. Manual control device. Consumption 5 W. Protection: IP 65 with connector and ...

Reference: 4519

5-ways solenoid valve with intrinsic safety coil

ATEX Ex 2G EEx ia IIC T6.

Reference: 4521

5 ways solenoid valve dual stable

Coupling according NAMUR std.

Reference: 4523

5 waysolenoid valve coil

Intrinsic safety: AtexEExia IIC T6

Reference: 4821

5 way solenoid valve coil

Encapsulation coil: AtexEEx m II T4

Reference: 4822

Woltman pulse transmitter

Switch sensor potential free. 2 wire cable and 1.5 m length.

Reference: 6066

Rotary positioner

Pneumatic - signal 3 - 15 PSI.Electropneumatic - signal 4-20 mA.

Reference: 5950

Positioners rotary

Pneumatic - signal 3 - 15 PSI.Electropneumatic - signal 4-20 mA.

Reference: 5951

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