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Genebre HVAC solutions to improve efficiency in your home



Prepare your home for cold temperatures

With the arrival of autumn and the drop in temperatures, this season we are going to spend much more time at home. That’s why now is the time to check your gas and heating systems to make sure they work properly this winter, and improve the control and efficiency of your home.

Thinking about making a change? If you want to tackle the winter season successfully and make your home cosy and efficient, this article introduces you to our HVAC systems in the Hydrosanitary line, designed to meet the needs of any home.

Electrothermal manifolds and actuators to improve heat efficiency in areas with underfloor heating

For new-build homes, underfloor heating is a fantastic option. Underfloor heating is the ultimate in eco-efficient heating, providing energy savings and heating the whole house easily.

Our stainless steel and polymer manifold make underfloor heating installations perform optimally and enable efficient regulation. As they come pre-assembled, they offer great versatility for installation without requiring assembly or handling.

We also have electrothermal actuators to automatically open and close radiator, manifold and fan coil valves, enabling better heating control.


GE-Smart Wi-Fi for smart heating control

Our series of heating thermostats and heads incorporating a GE-Smart Wi-Fi receiver are the newest and most innovative addition.

This is a smart HVAC solution that allows you to maintain the desired temperature throughout your home, and best of all, you can control the temperature of your home by zones and at any time via any mobile device.

As well as comfort, this system also saves you money as it allows you to reach the exact temperature in different rooms without wasting energy.

It is much easier to install than you think, because with GE-Smart it is possible to transform your conventional heating installation to Wi-Fi in as little as 3 minutes.


Balancing valves and zone valves for efficient consumption

Balancing valves are a device for adjusting and measuring fluid in transit, whether hot or cold, for open or closed systems. The benefits include regulating and maintaining the flow rate, adjusting the fluid and indicating the calibration. What’s more, it does not require maintenance.

On the other hand, motorised zone valves are [shut-off, bore and bypass] devices to control flow in heating and air conditioning circuits.

Connection kits for control and maintenance

To ensure good boiler and HVAC maintenance, it is important to carry out annual checks to make sure that accessories are in good condition and full working order.

At Genebre we have boiler connection kits that will ensure impeccable service throughout the winter months.

We offer a variety of flexible and extendable boiler connection kits made of stainless steel and brass, available in the GECONNECT range for water connections and the GECONNECT-Gas range for gas connections.

Why choose GENEBRE heating valves?

As you have seen, GENEBRE has a wide range of heating valves to ensure proper maintenance of heating systems and to check there are no leaks in your home.

What sets us apart:

  • We have a wide variety of valves in different sizes and formats.
  • Many of our valves are equipped with our GE-System which enables quick, easy, safe and high-quality installation.
  • We have a quality management system for the design and production of our valves to provide the best solutions.
  • We have our valves in stock and ensure fast shipping and delivery for the best service.


For more details, you can find all GENEBRE HVAC solutions in our HVAC Manual or check out the catalogue of our Hydrosanitary line.

If you need further information or advice, please feel free to contact us via our online form.

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